Synopsis of Wazi Tekwa G’ai

The concluding volume of Daughters of the Apocalypse, Wazi Tekwa G’ai (Girl Who Speaks to Pack Rats), recounts the last and greatest caravan on earth, and how Wazi and her mother (Leatherfoot), her grandmother (Janabai Shepherd) and her great grandmother (Azriel Dancer) bring Shiva Puri village back to its ancestral home in California, on foot and horseback, with ox-drawn wagons, with herds and flocks, and accompanied on every long and dangerous mile by their friends and allies, the Bear Clan of the Western Shoshone Nation.

Taking the form of a daily “History,” Wazi tells the story of the Battle of Fish Lake, the final confrontation between the malevolent Riders under the tyrannical command of the Rakshasa demon, Kali, and the New Peoples’ Expeditionary Army composed of the Shivite Hunting Clan, Shoshone Horsemen, Klamoya Indian Infantry, and the Christian Life Brigade. The earth is, at last, free from Kali’s scourge. Maybe.

Wazi’s account is also a coming-of-age story. Along the way she experiences her first menses, enters into womanhood through the Moon Hut ceremony where she embarks upon her vision quest and finds a spirit guide so bizarre that she refuses to divulge its nature to the other women.

As Wazi and her people move south, new alliances are formed between the Shivite and Shoshone caravan and the Northern Reds, descendants of Mexican migrant workers who live in Old Redding, and the Southern Reds, descendants of Vietnamese farmers, who live in Old Red Bluff. Among the Northern Reds, Wazi meets her first lover, Arturo Sosa, who follows the caravan on foot when it departs on the final east-bound leg toward Old Shiva Puri in the California foothills.

On the last day of the journey, Wazi discovers where the demon Kali has been hiding. The four women of Azriel Dancer’s matriarchy (the Four Daughters of the Apocalypse), reinforced by the two Shoshone leaders, Dai Ta Zumbi and Bu-u- he’gap, convene an exorcism.  With the issue in doubt,  the old demon, wounded and desperate,  Kali, King of Rakshasa, World Eater, Tiger of the Night comes out of hiding,