Synopsis of Leatherfoot

Leatherfoot is the third volume of the Daughters of the Apocalypse. Born twenty-one years after the Kali Yuga that destroyed most of humanity, Leatherfoot is the granddaughter of Azriel Dancer, heroine of the first book of the series, and the daughter of Janabai Shepherd, heroine of the second volume.  Kali,  the Rakshasa demon who is dedicated to ending all life on earth, is Leatherfoot’s father.

Told by the illiterate protagonist as a series of thirteen evening recitations, Leatherfoot recounts her life as the troubled un-named child of human mother and demon father.  Assigned by her Grandmother Azriel to the Shiva Puri Hunter’s Guild, the six-year old girl quickly becomes an expert marksman and rugged outdoors woman. Under the safe-keeping of Max, the old Marine warrior, the child begins her training as “Grandmother’s Eyes and Ears.” Her first significant discovery is that a band of Western Shoshone Indians have moved in and settled just north across the river, near Klamath Lake, Oregon.

Befriended by the elderly Indian grandmother, Dai Ta Zumbi, the child grows up in both communities, Shivite and Shoshone. From the Shoshones she learns the bush-craft and primitive survival skills that will keep her alive. As a teenager, she embarks upon three mighty treks through the former Western States where she sees wondrous things and earns a reputation as the greatest explorer of the new age. In honor of her travels, every mile on foot, the Shoshones bestow her adult name—Leatherfoot.

Years later, Shiva Puri is scouted by five Riders. Leatherfoot kills all but one, a leathery, old marauder with long golden hair who miraculously escapes. Azriel Dancer decrees that the village will once again move, this time in a great caravan to the south and across the Yuba River to their ancestral home.

But first . . . the Rider threat must be dealt with decisively and finally. Leatherfoot, Weda Mukua, and the old Marine, Max, will lead an army of Shivite and Shoshone warriors to meet Kali and the Riders in battle along the shore of a long-forgotten resort called Fish Lake.