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The Midwife

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The Midwife

The midwife, Jessica Mairs, has  the quick wit and clever demeanor I have always found helpful in midwives of whom I have known exactly one.

Jessica Mairs

We met at a New Age hangout called Summer Thymes near downtown Grass Valley. Oh heck, since I’m giving a plug, I might as well go all the way; Summer Thymes is adjacent to the bowling alley, and everybody knows where that is. There’s only one. Bowling alley. Hey, folks, it’s Grass Valley. CALIFORNIA.

Okay, after a pleasant bit of chit chat and bowls of delicious chicken soup in a broth of coconut curry, which we had ordered from the counter at Summer Thymes. Near the bowling alley. We got down to it.

I proposed this problem to Jessica: continue reading…

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