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Reviews are coming in for Janabai Shepherd

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The reviews are arriving on for Janabai Shepherd.  Here’s a sample.

Book 2 of Daughters of the Kali Yuga sails into high adventure as the story continues with Azriel Dancer’s daughters, Janabai and Mirabai. All the wonderful characters from the first book are here, as we follow the blue-throated daughters and the development of their amazing talents. Against great odds, the community of Shiva Puri is learning to survive and thrive post-apocalypse, as they gear up for an inevitable battle with the demon Kali, whose sights are fixed on one of the daughters. Bob Jenkins’ novel ranges from the idyllic to the horrifying to the hilarious, from spirituality to depravity to ineffable tenderness, and is riveting from cover to cover. I devoured the book and was so disappointed that it had to end. Can’t wait for the third installment!!

E. Piper


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Let me take a moment to tell you about reviews. Here is Amazon’s core statement:

“We don’t allow anyone to write customer reviews as a form of promotion and if we find evidence that a customer was paid for a review, we’ll remove it. If you have a direct or indirect financial interest in a product, or perceived to have a close personal relationship with its author or artist, we’ll likely remove your review. We don’t allow authors to submit customer reviews on their own books even when they disclose their identity.” is committed to publishing honest reviews.  Aren’t we all?  Here are some of the rules that seem to be operating at present.  Note that the enforcement mechanisms of these rules evolve and change.

You do not have to purchase the book to leave a customer review, but Amazon has a category called “Verified Purchaser Reviews” that is probably more potent and credible.

You must have an account to leave customer reviews.  I have heard that you have to purchase at least $50 worth of merchandise to leave a review.  I’m not sure about this policy, the time frame (Past twelve months? During the calendar year?) or even the amount.

Do not state or infer a personal relationship between you and the author, especially if he or she is a friend or family member.  Of course, the author’s friends are apt to leave reviews; so there is a fine line here.

Do not indicate that you received anything of value in exchange for your review. The exception to this rule is that you may receive a free ARC (advance reader copy) of the book.  This is a perfectly acceptable practice.

Do not attempt to publish multiple reviews of the same book from the same computer. A husband-and-wife duo used the same computer to write independent and honest reviews of one of my books.  Both reviews were deleted by Amazon.

That was interesting, wasn’t it?


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Street Team in the NYC Subway

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In 1978 I lead a street team of San Jose State University drama students to New York City to promote guest performances of Wonderland Won at Theatre for the New City on the lower east side.  There were a half dozen of us on the team, I don’t remember exactly who, but I know Art Ward was there, and Brian Conroy as well.  Maybe Linda Rugg.  There was nothing for it but to stay at the Chelsea Hotel.  The moment we walked through those notorious front doors, we spied Michael J. Pollard nodding off (you know what I mean) in a lobby chair.  Welcome to the Apple.

Well, when I say street team, that’s what I mean.  Ellen Briggs prepped us with suitcases full of posters, handbills, and business cards.  We worked the streets and the subway stations with our posters and handed out our handbills to perfect strangers.  You know the life expectancy of a show flyer in NYC?  Less than an hour.  We’d paper a wall, come back the next day, and paper again.  Our previous afternoon’s posters were about four layers down.  On the subways, Art Ward drew attention to a spot on impersonation of my monkey.  He’d get everybody laughing (or at least staring), and the rest of us would pass out cards and chat people up.  Real hand-to-hand combat, this stuff.  (To the tune of “Walk on the Wild Side”) And the monkey goes chee, cha chee, cha chee, cha chee chee.)


Theatre for the New City did not deliver the publicity they promised, so the first weekend audience were sketchy, to say the least.  But by the second weekend, our street work brought in nice crowds.  There’s an important lesson here, one I learned well:  don’t depend on anyone else to do your publicity.

With great respect and affection, I thank the members of the Azriel Dancer Angels, our indomitable street team.

Chee, chee chee, cha chee, cha chee chee!

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The Proof is in the Paperback

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The proof copy of Azriel Dancer just arrived!

Book 3

It’s really here.  On sale October 1 at

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Welcome Azriel’s Angels!

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Deep bows of  gratitude to those of you who strapped on your wings and polished your halos in service to the Bodacious Book Launch of Azriel Dancer.

Angel 1

We are SIXTY strong; men and women, young and old(er), gay and straight, democrat and republican, from numerous ethnicities, including Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Others, and Declines-To-Answers, from all over the United States–and even a couple of odd Aussies!  Welcome, welcome, welcome, with great respect and affection.

And NO, to answer Archangel David Kahler (Archangel on account of he is my oldest living friend, and on account of I knew the title would annoy him), I did NOT invite everybody I knew into this celestial gang of rogues and fallen women.  I invited fifty friends because they were avid readers, or painters, or actors, or writers, or musicians, or who were the kind of people who go to the gallery, the symphony hall, the theatre, the local book store.  And a few who were (and are) just mensches of the world with keen intellects and sweet souls.  They had to come to, right?

So how about the other ten? Where did they come from?  Once the word about the launch got out, they came knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door.  Sure, come on in!  Kick your shoes off.  Ma!  We got company!  How ’bout a cuppa tea?

CJ and and are so excited about this ‘divine’ project.  Sez she, “Your friends will be right there with you, at the point of your pencil.”  Good one, CJ.  At the point of the pencil.

One again, thank you all.


PS  Oh yes, there will be prizes!


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