Azriel Dancer

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Synopsis of Azriel Dancer
The sky over California detonates when Kali, a demon from Hindu cosmology, destroys most of human civilization. Colossal shock waves followed by miles-high firestorms send Azriel and two hundred members of Shiva Puri Organic Farm fleeing into the mountains.

Azriel meets Maxine Flythe, a woman Marine on leave between deployments in the Middle East. The two women form a friendship that will last the rest of their lives. Both women have been wounded by events in their pasts: Azriel by a disastrous fall that crushed her career as a professional dancer, and Max, raped as a teenager, abandoned by her mother, and shunted into dead-end assignments by the Marine Corps. Under Max’s tutelage, Azriel discovers she has unexpected gifts for military tactics that will replace her lost dreams of dancing. Within Shiva Puri’s warm community, Max finds the loving family she has been searching for.

While Azriel and Max are on a scavenging mission, Maitreya Gordon, a beloved member of Shiva Puri, is brutally gunned down by the demon Kali, now descended to earth and incarnated as a human. Azriel and Max, attempt to apprehend the killer, but fail, and he escapes. The murder provides the evidence Azriel needs to propel her people into a precarious evacuation to the remote town of Graeagle, higher in the California Sierra Mountains.

In scenes alternating between Azriel and her nemesis, Kali, the people of Shiva Puri re-build their lives as the relentless demon circles and closes in on the remnants of humanity.

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