Animal Matters

Animal Matters is a young reader’s companion book to the Daughters of the Kali Yuga series.

Cover Illustration Nosey - 5

The animals of the Sierra foothills, having survived the same disaster that befalls Humans, begin to evolve in unexpected ways, the strangest of which is the ability for some animals to communicate with each other.  From species to species, and even within species, the mutation is unpredictable.  Almost all of the pack rats can “talk,” but none of the raccoons, possums, or skunks..  Some bears and cougars are gifted, as are many of the deer, beavers, coyotes, and river otters.


Spanning the same fifty-one years of future history as the adult series (Daughters), we meet, live among, and grow in intelligence as the Flat Tooth  and Sharp Tooth clans form the “Compact of Blue Rock,” a set of “matters” for living together.

“It is the nature of Sharp Teeth to hunt and kill.  It is the nature of Flat Teeth to be hunted and eaten.”

“No Sharp Tooth shall kill a Flat Tooth baby during its first year of life.”

“No animal shall bare it’s teeth in the presence of Blue Rock.”


Punishment for violating the “Matters of the Compact” is exile.

As the animals  learn to live among each other, the pack rats, though among the smallest, rise as leaders of the compact, for it is they who have the ability to remember everything that happens, not only to them as individuals, but to their ancestors all the way back to the First Mother who was there at Blue Rock when the Sky Fell Down.  The pack rats are the Storykeepers.  Through their recitations we hear about the marvelous adventures of Snaggletooth the Cougar, Three Paws the Beaver, High Mama and Speckles the Deer, and, of course, Shot-in-the-Butt the Great Black Bear.

Shot In the Butt laughing