COMING SUMMER 2017 Book Two of “Daughters of the Kali Yuga.”

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COMING SUMMER 2017 Book Two of “Daughters of the Kali Yuga.”


Janabai Shepherd



Janabai Shepherd is a girl who lives on a farm after a cataclysm wipes out the world as we know it.  Janabai grows up doing what a normal post-apocalyptic farm girl would do.  She plays with her friends, goes to school, works in the fields, tends her little herd of goats, chases a boy who likes her best friend, gets her heart broken, and takes her turn out on post, guarding the village against Kali, the yellow-eyed demon, who prowls just beyond the wire.  What does he want, this demon?  Well, to eat people, of course.  He is, after all, a monster, but more than anything, Kali has his heart set on Janabai Shepherd, his bride-to-be.  Alas, there is nothing more foolish than a demon in love.

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