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There I Had It. There I lost it.

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There I had it.  There I lost it.

Mama sent her ever-so-forgetful son to the store to buy some soap.

“Don’t you ferget what yer sposed to fetch.”

“No, mama.”

“What is it?”

“I forgot.”



“Soap, soap, soap.  Say it.”

“Soap, soap, soap.”

“Keep sayin’ it, and git straight to the store.”

“Soap, soap soap,” and off he went.

By and by, he came to a loblolly (that’s Tarheel talk for a mud puddle).  Not paying attention, he stepped in the mud, his feet slid out from under him, and he landed on his rear end.  I tell you, he was covered in that sticky, red Carolina mud.

“Oh durn,” he said, and picked himself up.  He walked on down the road.

“Now what was I supposed to be doing?  Fetchin’ something from the store,  What was it?  I forgot!  I must have lost it in the mud.”

He walked back.

Pointing to one end of the loblolly, he said, “Now, there I had it.”

Pointing to the other end, he said, “And there I lost it.”

Pointing, “There I had it.”

Pointing, “There I lost it.”

“Oh no, I’m gonna have to tell mama I forgot, and she’s gonna sluice me in the rain barrel and scrub me down with that lye soap.



Off he went, “Soap, soap, soap.”


I am that lad.  I go out into the woods, to run and think up ideas for my stories.  That’s when I get my best ideas, in fact, most of my ideas.  But,  just because I think me up a good one, way out in the hills, or down in the canyons, it doesn’t mean I’m going to get that delicacy all the way back to the truck.   Truth be told, I’ve left  more tasty rabbits out on the trail, than I ever brung home for mama to cook.

Now that I have slid into the loblolly of my elder years, memory troubles and all that,  coming back with ideas gets harder all the time.  I have taken to wearing a running belt with the kinds of items senior runners ought to take along:  water, GU energy chews, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and identification.  No cell phone.  Where I run, there’s no coverage.  And one more thing.  What was it?  I forgot.  There I had it.  There I lost it.  Oh, yes, pen and a little notebook wherein I record my ideas whilst I pause for a moment, chew my Gu,  and conscientiously hydrate on orders from my wife.

All very good . . . when I remember to strap on my running belt.  When I don’t,  there is little likelihood of returning with a game bag full of ideas, but how about three?  My three best ideas.  Is that too much to ask?   So, I get an idea and I repeat it aloud, over and over.  Then I get the second idea, then the third.  And I repeat them aloud as I run along.

Soap, soap, soap.

Today’s soap?  A prayer for Janabai, the heroine of Book Two of Daughters of the Kali Yuga.  A new final line for the same book (no, I’m not going to tell you).  And three . . . the idea for this article.

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How does a Professional eBook Campaign Affect Sales for a New Release on Amazon?

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Climbing the learning curve of self-published book launching, I spent many days in the trail-side camp of Derek Murphy, a mad (as in crazy) genius in the art of marketing books on the internet.  Check him out at  In one rant about “gaming” (ranting is his usual method of teaching), Murphy recommended an email campaigner named Mike Balmaceda.  I got in touch with Balmaceda and purchased his $400 mid-range product.

My first novel, Azriel Dancer, launched on Saturday, October 1, 2016 with thirty-five reviews (all Five Star but two—one of the Four Stars being my sister’s, thanks a lot, Linda).  From Saturday through Tuesday, we had about thirty sales of eBooks.

Book 3

On Tuesday evening,  Balmaceda deployed his email campaign, and within twenty-four hours, we garnered an additional seventy-three sales.  That’s the big spike you see in the graph.

Effects of Balmaceda eBook Campaign

By Thursday, sales had tapered off.  One week later, we flat-lined.

Balmaceda guaranteed that, with his service, the book would reach the 2,000 to 3,000 Amazon ranking for eBooks.  Actual ranking achieved:  1,313.  We also ranked #4 in one category, #12 in another, and #18 in the third.  Great.  Mission accomplished.  For one day.  And that’s the moral of the story.  For one day, Wednesday, October 5, 2016.  What did I do for THURSDAY?  It makes perfect sense, the beast must be fed every day.  I have no complaints, with or with Balmaceda’s campaign.

Mike Balmaceda is straightforward with his promise . . . and with his warning:  the secret is in maintaining the momentum.  How do you do that?  Pay Mike $400 and find out for yourself.  I’m not trying to be funny.

Let me close with two points.

  1. Teaching people how to maintain sales momentum is Balmaceda’s business; it’s how he makes his living. I’m not going to give away the secrets he sells (and that I bought).
  2. From long experience in another sales industry, I can tell you that it is easy to learn the lesson.

Only a few actually do the work to put the lesson into action.

Point of the Pencil

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Azriel Dancer hits the Market at

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My novel, Azriel Dancer, launched this morning on  It’s the first edition, on the first day, of my first novel, the first of four books in the series Daughter’s of the Kali Yuga.  You can order Azriel Dancer as a Kindle Ebook for $2.99 or as a Paperback for $12.99.


Book 3

Here’s what customers who read the Advanced Reader Copy are saying about the book:


Hugely Entertaining!

Damn Good Book—Best Read of the Year!

It’s the End of the World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine!

Hooked from the Start

It’s a Gem!

Couldn’t Put This Book Down!

Move Over Stephen King!

A Wild, Fantastic, Spirited Ride!

Must Read Book!


Jenkins’ Azriel Dancer Hits it Out of the Park!

If Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett Had a Baby . . .

A Purchase You Won’t Regret

Impossible to Put Down, Pick It Up

Love Child of Stephen King and Tom Robbins

Azriel is a Heroine to Root For!

A Refreshing Departure!

Who Knew the Apocalypse Could Be This Much Fun?

Buckle up for a Wild Ride

Amazing Adventure Story

Surprising . . . and Great

Binge Worthy Book

I Couldn’t Put This Book Down


A hopeful tale, a very human tale, a story of survival and courage, a unique adventure, a tale of love, loyalty and grace. Well worth your time.

On facebook: Daughters of the Kali Yuga



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